Energy Solutions

Energy Procurement

Market Opportunity

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 removed legal barriers in generation markets to create open competition, laying the foundation for deregulation.

Energy procurement represents a significant opportunity for operational cost savings.

Energy Bill Make up:

Transmission and Delivery Charges – about 19% and REGULATED

Energy – about 89% and is DEREGULATED


Total Energy Cost

Why ComTec – What Makes Us Different


We shop a network of over 100 suppliers and request proposals on your behalf. We are not tied to just one or a few suppliers and are completely independent and unbiased, securing the lowest rate. Buying energy directly from the suppliers through our affiliated trading desk, there are no costs added by us, sales agents or GPO’s.

Large Scale Buying Power

ComTec leverages large volumes of electricity and natural gas under management that is equivalent to the usage of over 800 average size hospital systems which, affords our clients the benefit of buying power that they could not achieve on their own.

Market Intelligence

Our team of cost reduction experts create a customized savings strategy for each client based on their unique needs, our industry knowledge and proprietary tools. The Energy Analytics Portal (EAP) is a comprehensive software tool designed to manage every aspect of the clients energy needs. Live market data from every utility region provides real-time, fact based intelligence to buy at lowest cost through historical and forward curve analysis.

Visibility with Technology

The Energy Analytics Portal (EAP) provides a complete and customizable picture of the market, your usage and spend, making it simple to identify cost savings and energy generating opportunities.

  • Manage energy efficiently in real time
  • Compare your current vs historical energy demand
  • Identify anomalies
  • Track of all your energy contracts, usage, and bills
  • Set price triggers and market alerts
  • Track market data
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory
  • Auditing

Energy Solutions


Energy audits can provide a significant savings in both regulated and non-regulated states.

Identifying billing errors not only generates retroactive credits, but also results in permanent cost reductions on a go-forward basis.

Working with the utility companies to negotiate refunds for overbilling is often a very long, drawn out and frustrating process and yields very little return. In our experience, organizations that perform their own telecom audits can expect to cut expenses by 1% to 3% provided they have the learned knowledge, expertise, enough resources focused on the task, access to their provider tariffs, and effective negotiation skills to recover money from utility companies.

Through ComTec’s experienced professional team, organizations that take advantage of our energy auditing service often experience reductions in excess of 15% of their annualized telecom expense.

ComTec’s energy audit service provides a complete historical audit of services throughout your enterprise to include:

Reconcile past billing, identify billing errors
Obtain retroactive credits
Renegotiate existing contracts
Optimize existing services

Demand Response

How Does Demand Response Work?

The energy grid can become overloaded, especially during the hot summer months when electricity demand is high. To ensure grid stability operators will call on participating businesses to briefly lower their energy usage. Incite will work with you to determine your eligibility, fully educate you on your options, and help you decide the best demand response plan for your company. Our goal is to turn your energy into an additional income stream.

At peak times (such as a hot summer’s day when homes and business increase air conditioning use), there is strain on the electrical grid. Energy providers then call on businesses to lower their electricity usage to lower the overall energy demand.

Participating businesses then earn compensation for reducing their energy usage. The overall demand for energy goes down preventing blackouts and brownouts.

        Customer Benefits

  • Cost reductions via avoided tariff charges
  • Monetize market price spikes by shifting consumption patterns
  • Earn compensation
  • Protect grid stability and prevent brownouts and blackouts


Make your facilities sustainable

Lower operating costs and protect the planet at the same time.

Protect your business

Businesses face increasing pressure to implement sustainability measures and go green. Due to constant changes in regulation and technology, it’s hard to stay at the forefront.

Know that your facilities are compliant and efficient without breaking the bank.

Get started with a free energy consultation to find out what sustainable solutions to implement for compliance and to keep costs low.