Our Process

Only requires a few hours of staff time


We have designed our process so that in most cases, only a few hours of client time is required. Using our proprietary software and management tools, we can typically pull the required invoices directly from the provider portals, allowing us to work independently without involving client staff time.



  • Based on previous 3 months charges for each individual service
  • Review current utility & telecom agreements
  • Determines baseline spend


  • Leverage industry knowledge, volume pricing, market intelligence and proprietary tools to develop “Best in Class” program
  • Deliver a detailed, proposal
  • Facilitate client approval process for proposed savings


  • Manage implementation of new rate strategies, suppliers & discounts
  • Provide monthly bill review and reporting
  • Continuously implement new savings strategies
  • File for credits in the event of incorrect billing

Steps to Implement

Contract signing and LOA provided by client

Week #1:  ComTec gathers most recent energy and telecom invoices along with respective vendor contracts from client

Week #2:  ComTec performs an assessment of all invoices

Week #3:  ComTec develops optimization strategy/establish client’s benchmark spend

Week #4:  Client/ComTec have savings plan consultation via web-ex

Week #5:  ComTec implements client approved savings plan with the vendors

Requires only a few hours of client staff time.

Our process ensures that we efficiently:

Identify and implement lowest cost rates

Retroactive credits

Recover overcharges

Renegotiate existing contracts

Optimize existing services