Again this year, ComTec Cloud Services was acknowledged for offering best-in-class iConnect ZX, which incorporates key partners to provide customers forward-thinking Voice over IP technology.  IConnect is an affordable, innovative, reliable unified communications solution that empowers businesses to collaborate effectively with features such as instant messaging, conferencing, and video.


Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global, integrated marketing media company that supports communications and technology industry clients’ goals by building communities in print, online, and face-to-face, recently publicized the winners of the 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.  This award honors the finest, most innovative unified communications products and solutions released in the last year.  Listed among the winners is the iConnect feature server developer Zultys.


“Some of the more innovative applications released through this offering included a new look and feel to a completely integrated desktop client offering chat, conferencing, presence and video all through a single easy-to-use interface,” said President and CEO Mike Vertolli.  “It’s been one of the most amazing years with 40% growth in our unified communications division and the continued recognition. We’re really proud of the accomplishments that we’ve had, and are really excited about what is to come with the iConnect Enterprise product line.”


ComTec Cloud Services has been customizing these applications for enterprise verticals including banking, non-profits and healthcare with heavy applications and advanced end user requirements. ComTec has been a leading US provider in voice communication for over 25 years and has had record growth in its hosted telephony division. With ComTec Cloud expect a customer-centric approach that delivers award-winning technologies that will allow organizations of any size to reach their goals through technology efficiencies.  Included in this cloud-based business solution are Cloud Computing, Hosted Voice over IP, Carrier Services, Managed IT Services, and other Hosted Applications.  With ComTec Cloud we ensure your provider is partnered with global industry leaders, as well as employ the most qualified, certified Telecommunications specialists to design, install, service, and maintain a customer’s communication needs.  For further details on ComTec Cloud Services, visit


“We continue to monitor technology leaders, and remain with our partnership Zultys. Our customers continue to be highly pleased with iConnect ZX Voice over IP platform and its features,” said Vertolli.  “The value in our ComTec Cloud Services remains amazing, as evident with this recognition again.”